Saturday, January 03, 2009

Random December Pictures!

After spending 8 days in Bend, I have almost 300 pictures to sort through. Since I'm guessing this is going to take me FOREVER, I thought I'd post some random pictures from December. Enjoy!

Brayden and Sienna love to take "naps" together on the CARS sofa. Usually Sienna just sits there while Brayden pretends to sleep. However, this last time when I asked her if she was taking a nap, she leaned over, rested her head on Brayden and closed her eyes!
The Grocery Cart
While we were stuck at home with all of the snow, Brayden pushed Sienna around the house on the grocery cart!

Rain Boots!
Even though the snow boots were all sold out during the "Arctic Blast", Chris did manage to find some cute rain boots for the kids to wear in the snow. Unfortunately, we didn't get them until the end of the storm, but at least the kids had dry feet for a couple of days!
Brayden loved his boots so much that he wanted to wear them all over the house...for days!
Sienna wasn't as excited about her boots, at first...probably because they are 2 sizes too big! We put 2 of Brayden's socks on each of her feet when she wore them outside and they worked great. Plus, she gets to wear them for at least another year!
The kids waiting to head out into the snow for the first time with their new rain boots (they love to hold hands...even with mittens on)!
We had huge icicles all over our house during the snow storm, but this was definitely our biggest icicle. We thought it was pretty impressive, until we arrived at my parents house and saw how big their icicles were!