Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sharing a Room!

When my parents came to stay with us about a week ago, the kids both slept in Sienna's room!  When we bought Sienna's new bed in January, we purchased the trundle to go with it, just for this sort of occasion.  Brayden no longer has to sleep on our floor, or on the floor in the office.  YEA!

I had a board meeting at the preschool and by the time I got home, Chris was reading the kids their bedtime books:
Time for bed!  We bought Brayden Star Wars sheets from Target for the trundle since he can't have them on his bed (they don't make them in the queen size unless you spend $200 at Pottery Barn!!!).  Needless to say, he was super excited to sleep in his new sheets!
The kids slept in the same room for 2 nights.  The first night we must have gone up there 20 times to tell them to stop goofing off.  But, the 2nd night, Chris only had to make 1 trip up to Sienna's room!

Monday, February 21, 2011

More Swim Lessons!

And the swim lessons start AGAIN!  Brayden & Sienna's friends, Logan & Ava, are in the class too, but missed the first 2 days because their family was sick.  Luckily, Brayden and Sienna did great, even without their friends in the class!  They also had a new instructor, which usually doesn't go over very well, but neither of them seemed to mind!

Water games...Simon Says!
Waiting for their turn to jump in! 
 Brayden did GREAT jumping in!!!

 We kept telling Sienna to jump without holding his hands, but she never did...maybe this week!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brayden's Field Trip to the Post Office!

Last Wednesday, Brayden's preschool class took a field trip to the Canby Post Office.  Sienna and I were lucky enough to get to join them!

Brayden & his friend Lulu (Lucia)
Getting ready to stamp some mail! 
 Brayden's turn to stamp a letter!
 Even Sienna got a turn!
 The kids all wrote letters to mail home.  Half of the class mailed their letters while the other half watched on the other side of the wall for the mail to drop.  Then they switched places.  The day after the field trip, the letter arrived in the mail and here is what it said (he wrote it all by himself):  "I love you Mom and Dad.  love Brayden".  Best letter...ever!!!
 I brought a letter for Sienna to mail, too!
 Our turn to watch the mail drop!  Of course, it dropped so fast that I never got a picture of the actual mail...
 Brayden's preschool class with Teacher Andy!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Sienna's FIRST haircut!!!

Sienna's BEFORE pictures:

 Shawn getting ready to chop it all off!

 Too late to turn back now!
 Sienna's hair donation to pantene!  Pantene only requires 8" and makes wigs for cancer patients:  http://www.pantene.com/en-US/beautiful-lengths-cause/Pages/default.aspx?TID=b7f8e211-085c-4bc0-9de7-abc8a9f7752c
 Now it's time to style the new short "do"!

 Sienna LOVES the hair dryer!

 Sienna checking out her new hair in the mirror!
 Sienna and her hair donation...still looking at herself in the mirror! haha!
 Sienna being silly in pigtails!  Her hair is sooo easy to put in pigtails now...no comb needed!

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Sienna's 1st Pedicure!

My friend, Jackie, invited Sienna and me to go for pedicures on Super Bowl Sunday.  I never turn down a pedicure, and I figured Sienna would have fun with her best buddy, Olivia!  We went to a place at the Washington Square Mall that had 3 little chairs for the girls.  How cute is that?  I tried to get Sienna to smile in at least one picture, but she just wasn't cooperating.  I asked her afterwards if she had fun, and she said she did. 

Sienna, Olivia & Ava
 My little "girlie girl", Sienna!
 Olivia & Sienna waiting for the 4 of us ladies to be done with our pedicures.  I sure wish that Sienna would smile, like Olivia, when I take their picture!