Monday, January 31, 2011

Pajama Party - Pictures & Video!!!

The Canby Alliance Church had a Pajama Party on Friday night!  Chris' mom, Jeri, invited Sienna and me and then we invited Sienna's best friend, Olivia!  At the party, they had different stations set up for painting nails, braiding hair, dressing-up, having a tea party and for decorating a picture frame.  Oh, and there was a huge area set up for the girls to dance, dance, dance!

Sienna & Me
Olivia & Sienna 
Sienna had her hair braided first, but I forgot to take a picture.  The girl who braided Olivia's hair did an AMAZING job!
 Sienna and Olivia having a tea party!
The girls had SO MUCH FUN dancing together!  It was shortly after 9pm before I could get them out of there!
Here's one of the videos that I took of the girls dancing:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Our "Broken" House...

Saturday morning we woke up to a lake in our kitchen!!!  Sometime in the middle of the night, our Instant Hot Water Filter cracked and started spraying water, creating a lake in the kitchen AND in our crawl space.  Of course, we had no idea how bad the situation really was until we had the mess cleaned up and noticed the hardwood floors weren't looking so great.  We called Chris' buddy, who just so happens to be our insurance agent, and he got us in touch with ServPro, who was nice enough to come out on a Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the guy wasn't full of good news.  He discovered the lake in our crawl space and used his fancy water detector to figure out how far the water had spread...all the way under our cabinets and into the dining room.  He set up a fan in the crawl space and an industrial fan/humidifier in the kitchen before he left.

Today they came back to vacuum the water out of the crawl space as well as set up a few industrial heaters/humidifiers.  He also tested the humidity in the floors again and it had gone down quite a bit.  If things keep improving, they won't have to take out all of our cabinets!!!  We'll know more tomorrow or Wednesday if the cabinets stay or go!  The one bright side of the whole ordeal is that we'll get all of our hardwood floors refinished 90 days after the floors are dry!  All for the economical price of our $1k deductible!

Here are a few pictures of our quarantined kitchen and dining room!

 For some reason, the kids felt the new location for the dining room table was an invitation to crawl all over it!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sienna's New Big Girl Bed!!!

We finally got Sienna a REAL bed!  She's been sleeping in her "toddler crib" (no front rail) for the last 1 1/2 years and is actually longer than the crib!  We ordered the bed on January 4th and it just arrived on Friday!  Sienna picked out the bedding set all by herself...
We purchased the trundle to go with the bed so that Brayden can sleep in her room when Grandma & Grandpa Macnab come to visit (they sleep in his queen size bed and he used to sleep in the toy room on the floor).  I'm sure they won't get much sleep in the same room (they certainly didn't when they shared a room for 5 nights in Bend at Christmas), but they are certainly exited to have their first sleepover in Sienna's room!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

The kids with our Christmas Tree, the morning we left for Bend!
Playing "Old Maid" with Uncle Scott!
Sienna couldn't get enough of Uncle Scott while we were in Bend...too bad he lives so far away (San Diego)!!!
Christmas Eve in front of my parents Christmas Tree!
How sweet are they?!?!?!?
Time for PRESENTS!  YEA!

Christmas morning...Santa left some pretty cool presents!

Grandma & Grandpa gave the kids the princess and toy story/cars tracing boards they wanted from was too cute watching them draw together!
Sienna got a new doll with a doctor's kit...Brayden found a new use for the stethescope!
Uncle Scott reading to Sienna.
Christmas at Grandma & Grandpa Boley's House...Brayden was a being a bit silly!
YEA for Lincoln Logs!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Sleigh Ride In Sunriver!

While we were in Bend for Christmas, my parents took us all on a sleigh ride in Sunriver!
Chris and Sienna!
Sienna & Me!
We were all so excited to be in Central Oregon...we love SNOW!!!  Brayden and Uncle Scott decided to have snowball wars...who do you think won?
Hmmmm...not much of a fair fight!
Direct hit!  Way to go, Uncle Scott!
This picture cracks me up...if you click on it a couple of times and enlarge it, you can see the drool coming out of Brayden's mouth!  LOL!
Sienna's turn to play!

After the snowball fights, we headed inside to get warm before our sleigh ride!
Brayden got a little crazy while we were waiting for our turn!

Our Sleigh!  I sure hope all 5 adults and 2 kids are gonna fit!

It was a VERY tight fit, but we all manaed to fit!
We were packed in like Sardines!
There were 3 sleighs that went out at the same time...we were in the last one.
What a beautiful view from the sleigh!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Children's Museum!

We made 2 trips to the Portland Children's Museum in December.  First we went for free (thanks for the passes, Jackie!!!) with our friends Jackie, Logan, Lisa & Koen.  A week or two later, I checked the museum pass out of the library and took Brayden & Sienna.  What fun...for FREE!!!  Unfortunately, I forgot my nice camera both times, so I had to use my cheap camera I leave in my purse for just these sort of occasions...

Brayden with his buddies, Logan & Koen...after a bit of face painting!
 The boys playing with lights inside the tree trunk...not really sure what that was all about.  ;)
 The museum had very cool huge "Lincoln Logs" that the boys had fun building with. 
 Ahoy Matey!  Brayden & Koen playing in the pirate ship...not sure where Logan had run off to!
Brayden & Koen driving the ambulance...they are on their way to rescue people!  Logan was actually climbing on the hood of the ambulance...I couldn't believe that Brayden could see around him to drive the ambulance! ;)
 Brayden & Sienna at the museum! 
The kids spent most of the time playing on the stage!  At one point, they brought out hula hoops and jump ropes, but my slow little camera couldn't keep up with them!