Monday, September 29, 2008

44 Hours Later!

Here is a picture of Sienna 44 hours after her accident. The swelling has gone down considerably during the last 18 hours and she even took a decent nap today. Sienna had a runny nose for about 12 hours after the accident (only out of the nostril on the side of her face that was injured) so I considered calling the doctor this morning, but her runny nose was gone when she woke up. YEA!
As if Sienna's accident wasn't enough to deal with, Chris ended up in the ER last night where he received 8 fun-filled stitches in his leg. As if I needed more injuries to worry about! Chris was getting leftover pizza out of the refrigerator (while he was holding Sienna) and somehow he managed to drop the whole platter (I wasn't in the room and it all happened so fast that no one is really sure what happened). We aren't sure if the platter sliced his leg on the way down to the floor or if pieces bounced off the floor and hit his leg, but he ended up with 2 pretty significant gashes in his leg. Of course Sienna was HYSTERICAL during the whole episode. Chris really didn't want to go to the doctor (he's managed to avoid any sort of doctor in the 8+ years that we've been together), but Chris' mom and I told him that he had to go. Luckily Chris' mom was already over here so she was able to drive him to the ER. Of course that left me to deal with both of the crazy kids all by myself. Everything was good until bedtime. Sienna became hysterical (again!) when I put her to bed and I was forced to implement the 5, 10, 15 minute cry it out method. Ordinarily her crying wouldn't bother me too much, but I felt so bad about her bruised face and guessed that it wasn't helping her any. After about an hour she finally fell asleep. Once Sienna was asleep, I didn't have to worry about her screaming keeping Brayden awake, so it was his turn for bed. Thank goodness he's still in an "easy to put to bed phase" because I was at my wits end at this point! Chris conveniently arrived home about 20 minutes later. We immediately sank into the couch and watched the rest of Grey's Anatomy. All I can say is that I am so glad that this weekend is can only get better from here, right????

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Date Night @ The Play Boutique

One of the benefits of being a Play Boutique member is that you get 1 free date night per month. You get to drop the kids off from 5:30pm to 8:30pm while you get 3 full hours of quality time with your spouse! They feed the kids pizza (if only our kids ate food!) and the rest of the time they pretty much get to run around and be wild. Last night Catrina and her husband also dropped off their kids and the 4 of us headed across the street for dinner at Manzana. It was such a fun evening of adult conversation (not to mention great food) but unfortunately every great evening has to come to an end. Shortly before 8pm we decided to head back to pick up the kids since it was way past both Sienna and Avery's bedtimes. As we walked by the windows of the Play Boutique, I saw Sienna having fun playing by herself. By the time we had walked around the corner and into the building, things had changed drastically. The first thing I saw was the teacher holding Sienna, (while holding her hand up to her head) and running towards the back of the room. From my confused state I swear I saw blood running down her face!!! By the time I caught up to them, I saw that the teacher had grabbed an ice pack from the freezer. I asked what happened and when she turned around, all I saw was this huge, swollen bruise on Sienna's cheek. OUCH! Apparently she had been walking by the see-saw when someone got off and it came slamming down onto her cheek. I am so thankful that she didn't get hit in the eye or the nose. As you can see from the numerous pictures below, she got hit pretty hard. Poor thing!

Here are pictures from this morning...12 hours after the accident. It is really hard to tell but if you enlarge the picture (click on it), you can see that her cheek is so swollen that it goes all the way up to her eye. You can't even see her eyelashes she is so swollen!

These pictures were all taken last night about 45 minutes after the accident happened. The pictures really don't show the extent of how bad it really looked.

If you enlarge this picture you can see the big lump underneath her right eye. Amazingly enough, with the help of Tylenol, she slept all night until around 4:30am, when she kept rolling onto her right cheek and crying out in pain.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random Post Wednesday!

Brayden made 2 beds for him and Sienna to nap on...on the hardwood floors! How comfy does that look? haha!
Brayden talking to Grandma Boley on the phone!
It was the first time he held the phone himself (usually we just hold it up to his ear).
Sienna painting for the first time! I put water in the cup holder in her highchair so she couldn't dump it out. Unfortunately she only painted for about 5 seconds before deciding that she was done with it.This was Brayden's first real art project. Chris let him use the Elmer's glue all by himself...I thought Chris was crazy but Brayden actually didn't make too big of a mess.

Sienna is having so much fun with the legos...she can even snap the legos into place. She put all of the legos on the red board all by herself. As you can see, she was pretty proud of herself!
Brayden and I put together some train tracks and when we left for a couple of seconds to go blow his nose, Sienna tore them all apart! We were only gone for a few seconds...I have no idea how she did it so fast. As you can see, Brayden was just a tad bit upset about his train tracks being destroyed!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random pics from Grandma Boley

Last week Grandma Boley gave us a ton of pictures from her camera so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites!

Brayden and me at the water park back in July!
Grandma & Grandpa Boley came over to babysit and brought a cool bubble gun...need I say more?
Grandma Boley took the kids to the Clackamas County Fair. The kids had a lot of fun playing in the corn...

And the dirt!
They even took time out from playing to pose as a pig and a chicken!
Chris and me at my birthday dinner at the Boley's house.
Grandma Boley took the kids to OMSI (all by herself!!!) and they had a great time!
They even stopped at Burgerville on the way home for ice cream! This was Sienna's first ice cream cone and from what I hear, the only mess she made was on her chin!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Picture Post!!!

Crazy Hair!
When Sienna woke up from her nap on Wednesday, she had some seriously crazy hair! I had to wake her up so she was still pretty sleepy when I took these pictures. I think her hair is so funny that I just can't resist posting all of the pictures that I took!

Sienna loves to show off her belly button!

Blowing Kisses
Over the last couple of weeks, Sienna has really gotten good at blowing kisses! She has even started making kissy noises to go with the hand gestures!

Napping on the Sofa
The other day Brayden decided that he wanted to take a "nap" in his CARS sofa...Sienna thought he was crazy! Of course the nap only lasted about 10 seconds!!!
Play Boutique
Monday was Sienna's first day in Toddler School at the Play Boutique. As I expected, she loved it! She even did her first art project (she colored the human body). On the other hand, Brayden had another rough start to his day. For the 2nd week in a row, he didn't want to go into his classroom. He absolutely loves the toys in the big room and if he could play in there for the full 2 hours, he'd be happy as a clam. Unfortunately, he only gets to play in the big room for 20 minutes during their "recess". After getting Sienna situated in her classroom, I finally managed to get Brayden into his classroom by telling him that they were using glue for the art project...what toddler can resist glue??? Brayden was pretty excited and immediately sat at the table and got ready to make his apple tree! Hopefully every Monday will go just as well as this week...if not better!

Monday, September 08, 2008

What a weekend...

Where in the world did the weekend go? Oh, that's was spent mostly working in the yard! Ugh! Chris and I are definitely not yard people. I guess once the kids are older it won't be so bad...we can actually work in the yard while the kids are awake! Chris' mom was nice enough to take the kids so we could both be outside working. She took the kids to OMSI and then to Burgerville (by herself, I might add). I'm not even brave enough to take both kids to OMSI and out to eat by myself! Way to go Grandma!

Chris and I both had long "To Do" lists and due to various unforeseen obstacles, we didn't manage to cross off many items. The good news was that we did complete 2 of our biggest items: fix (& stain) the gate and clean the back patio & furniture. I know, I know...those don't sound like big items but they took us ALL DAY on Saturday!!! Chris rebuilt our sagging gate while I pressure washed the back patio and furniture. It took me 2 rounds of pressure washing to get all of the yucky dirt and moss off of the concrete! Ok, enough about our weekend...

Sienna finally has all 16 teeth! WOHOO! Last week she was especially crazy at bedtime (she is rarely bothered by teething during the day) and on Sunday morning I decided to check out her top eye teeth to see if they were the reason for all of her bedtime drama. I was pretty surprised that I could feel BOTH of her top 2 eye teeth! I'm not sure why I was so surprised...I knew that they would be making their appearance soon based on her & Brayden's teething history. I was so unbelievably excited...probably because it explained her crazy behavior the past few days. Plus that means that after several straight months of teething, we will have quite a large break (approximately 9 months) from teething! Her next set of teeth will be her 2 year molars which Brayden got shortly before his 2nd birthday.

The Airplane
Sienna and Brayden have been having a lot of fun riding on the airplane and car together. Sienna just figured out how to move forward (very slowly, I might add!) and Brayden loves having someone to chase and play with!
Rolling Around
The other night Chris was rolling around on the floor with Brayden and Sienna. First Brayden was just rolling around next to Chris and Sienna.
But, then he saw how much fun Sienna was having rolling around with daddy and he wanted to join in the fun!

I was praying no one was going to be squished!
But the kids were laughing and giggling...have a good ole' time!
Poor Chris was exhausted after all of the fun...
The Stain
I mentioned earlier that we stained the new gate this weekend. Well, I guess I should say that Chris stained the gate while I took off to see a friend who works at the mall...and of course I couldn't make a trip to the mall without doing some shopping! This is what I came home to:
Apparently while Chris was staining the gate, he ended up staining his whole leg! Somehow he managed to step in the tray filled with stain and it went everywhere! Luckily for him, I had a bottle of pure acetone polish remover that did a pretty good job of taking the wood stain off of his leg. I won't even mention that Chris had bought the acetone for me when I managed to spill a whole bottle of fingernail polish on my jeans when I was pregnant with Brayden!!! haha!

Saturday, September 06, 2008

I finally did it!

I finally managed to update the blog TWICE this week! Ok, I know, it really isn't that big of an accomplishment!

Brayden's New Idea
Brayden came up with a new fun thing to do with Sienna, which they do several times a day. The way it works is that Sienna digs a toy out of the toy basket...
And then hands it off to Brayden...
Then he runs over to the couch where he builds a pile of toys! The kids do this over and over several times a day. Luckily Brayden does a pretty good job of putting the toys away when I ask him to. One time they even used the same sort of process to put the toys away. Funny what kids consider fun. ;)
Staver Locomotive
After Chris got home on Friday night, we all hopped in the car and headed to Staver Locomotive. The first Friday of every month, you can go and watch all of the steam powered trains run around several tracks. We have been looking for new activities to do with the kids and they both really enjoyed watching the trains. Plus there was a ton of room for them to walk around. They have a couple of important rules: no running and no touching the trains (the trains are hot)! The only downside was the 45 minute drive there.

The kids had fun walking around all of the tracks...

Sienna liked to point out the trains as they passed by...
Here is just one of the trains that the kids enjoyed watching. We only stayed for about an hour and right before we left they finally got this one running....
It was the longest train there that night!
Chris and the kids having fun watching the trains sail by.