Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

For Chris' 36th birthday, the kids painted hanging tiles. Brayden painted his tile first, while Sienna colored Chris' birthday card (I wasn't sure I could handle both kids painting w/non-washable paints at the same time!).

When Brayden was finished painting, Sienna painted her tile and Brayden finished coloring Chris' birthday card.

Sienna had so much fun painting that she didn't want to stop. Before she completely ruined the tile (swirling all of the colors made a horrendous brown color), I took it away and let her paint Mickey Mouse!
Here are there finished products (Sienna's is on the left and Brayden's is on the right):

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How do YOU sit on the couch?

Brayden & Sienna came up with a not-so-comfortable way to sit on the couch while they watch tv. Well, at least it doesn't look very comfortable to me! I guess kids have a different idea of what's "comfortable".

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Another FAT Lip

Earlier today, Brayden gave Sienna a fat lip when he accidentally bopped her in the lip with the Tinkertoy box. An hour or two later, Sienna fell off of a chair and bit her already swollen lip, making it an even BIGGER fat lip. Her very first injury was a fat lip in May 2008...when I went back to look at the pictures, I couldn't believe how much she has changed in the last year!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Brayden the Body Builder

Don't laugh, but I started working out about a month ago. I'm pretty sure the last time I worked out for more than 2 months in a row was my sophomore year in high school (only about 17 years ago) when I was on the tennis team and I was FORCED to workout! Hopefully I can keep myself motivated to continue the workouts because for once I'm actually starting to feel the benefits...I seem to have more energy to get through the day. Now that Brayden doesn't take naps, he occasionally gets to watch me do my afternoon workout (I try to workout 2 times a day). Apparently Brayden thinks it looks like fun because this morning he came into the kitchen with 2 Tinkertoy weights that he had made. I started cracking up as soon as I figured out what they were...too funny! I grabbed the camera and asked him to show me how to use the weights...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More Random Pictures...

Sienna vs. The Chair
Sienna got in a fight with the chair leg...and I'm pretty sure the chair won! You can click on the photo to get a closer look...the leg left a big red mark all the way from her forehead down her to her cheek.

Can you find Brayden and Sienna??? Oh, there they are! Brayden has been all about hiding under everything he can find. Unfortunately, he asks us to find him every 5 seconds and I'm getting just a little bit bored of his new game!
Bath Time
Brayden's imagination at work again...he made a "bathtub" out of his blankets! Sienna was very excited to join him in the bath...although, I'm not sure why they chose to read books in their "bath"!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Random February Pics

I can't seem to motivate myself to keep the blog updated...maybe I just need some blog worthy photos! I do have several fun pics on the camera...maybe I'll get them posted this week. Until then, here are a few random pics of the kids.

This is Brayden's new way to eat idea what made him think of it.
When the sun shines, Sienna's room gets pretty toasty and she wakes up from her naps with super curly hair. I love the curly hair and wish that I could keep it this curly all day!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Who says you need water to go for a swim?

Our kids don't need water to go swimming, they just need a slippery floor. Brayden decided to go "swimming" and Sienna joined in right behind him (no big surprise there!). They had tons of fun swimming around the kitchen together!

Brayden doesn't need water to row a boat, either...all he needs is an old box and he's ready to row! I just love the way his little brain works!

Friday, March 06, 2009

More Tinkertoy Music!

Since I haven't posted any new pics in over a week, here's one to tide you over. A few nights after the original Tinkertoy concert, Chris made the kids each a microphone (due to a limited amount of Tinkertoys, they still had to share the guitar). Sienna was much happier to have a shorter microphone stand this time. I love hearing them sing for us!