Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brayden's Field Trip to Wait Park!

Last week, Brayden's class celebrated the summer birthdays by going on a field trip to Wait Park! The kids even got to ride the CAT Bus (Canby Area Transit) to the park from the school. I didn't get to go on the bus, but apparently all of the kids were wondering where the seat belts were! haha!

Here is Brayden with his class!
Brayden looking all grown up on the playground equipment!

Brayden having fun with his bestest friends, Koen & Logan!
Sienna even joined in the fun for a bit with Brayden's friend, Emily!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Dessert at Brayden's Preschool!

The Tuesday night before Mother's Day, Brayden's preschool had a Mother's Dessert. At the dessert, we got the gifts that the kids had made for us...a plate and a flower. I didn't get a picture of the flower, but Brayden painted my face in the middle of the flower and then said what he enjoyed doing with me...playing Candyland and "picking up". haha!
Then the kids sang 3 songs for us. I was impressed that Brayden wasn't shy AND he even sang the songs!!! Too bad I didn't think to bring the video camera!

Next year I'll get TWO special nights with the with Sienna's three's class and one with Brayden's four's class! YEA!

Monday, May 03, 2010

Fighting Sleep

Sienna has been waking up SUPER early to go potty and then refuses to go back to sleep. Despite her yawning and eye rubbing, she INSISTS that she is not tired. Well, yesterday she woke up especially early (5:50am) and by 10:30am, she was asleep in Chris' lap!

No matter what I do, blogger refuses to post this picture horizontally...argh!