Thursday, January 31, 2008

VIDEO: Sienna's Cruising!

Shortly after Sienna started pulling herself up, she started cruising very slowly around the furniture. The girl definitely keeps me busy now that she can move around the entire house. Not only does she get into absolutely everything, but she follows Brayden around and wants to do everything he is doing. Brayden is constantly telling Sienna "NO!" when she comes to play with him. The one thing he does like to do with Sienna is to play in his Thomas the Train tent. Just last night he asked Sienna to go into the tent with was so cute!

Tooth Update
During the last 2 weeks, Sienna has had SIX teeth pop through! Luckily, Sienna is being such a trooper about the whole thing. With a little help from our good friend, Tylenol, she is still sleeping pretty good and is not very fussy. Unfortunately her eating isn't going quite as well. She won't drink much out of a bottle so her meals consist mostly of oatmeal, fruits, & vegetables. She looks so different with all those teeth!

Here's a 13 second clip of Sienna cruising the coffee table...enjoy!

Waking up!

When Sienna wakes up in the morning she likes to stand up, face the door, and babble on and on! Most of the time she will talk to herself for about 15-30 minutes before I come upstairs to get her. I can't wait until I can actually understand what she is saying!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sienna's Love for Standing & Crackers

Yesterday was a big day for Sienna...she started pulling herself up onto her feet! I still remember when Brayden started pulling himself up (he was almost 8 months)...I hovered over him so I could catch him every time he fell. Unfortunately for Sienna, I am way more relaxed the 2nd time around and I am never there waiting to catch her when she falls. The poor girl is just going to have to get used to falling down!

Sienna getting into the toy box.

Sienna playing with her favorite chair.

Sienna saw one of Brayden's books on the table that she really wanted so she crawled onto the bean bag and then stood up! Unfortunately for Brayden she got to the book and ripped it! It's a good thing mommy's an expert with the tape!

Sienna using the garbage truck to stand up.

Sienna is rarely graceful getting back down onto the floor!

Sienna had her first cracker for breakfast this morning and she loved it!!! In fact, when it was all gone she got a bit fussy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sienna wants to be just like her big brother! No matter what he is playing with, she wants to be right there playing, too. Luckily Brayden is usually pretty tolerant of her...however, I'm sure that will be changing soon!

She loves playing with his Thomas the Train trains...

She loves playing in his Thomas the Train tent...

However, Brayden draws the line at letting her play with his Matchbox garage. The other day I found him sitting on top of the ottoman so that Sienna couldn't "play" with him!

Sienna's New View
Now that Sienna is able to pull herself up to her knees pretty consistently, she has a whole new view on life...she can play with the baskets of toys that are strategically placed around the living room!

She found the basket of trains...

She found the rocking chair, which has quickly become her favorite place to play.

She also likes to play with Brayden's tree maze and his garbage truck.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Random Post Thursday!

Ready for Summer!
In every store that I went to, there were teeny tiny swimming suits saying "buy me, buy me"! I'm sure that no one will be surprised to hear that I just had to buy one...there is nothing cuter than a baby girl swimming suit! However, it was quite the dilemma trying to decide which size to buy. How am I supposed to know how much she'll grow between now and summer??? After debating with myself for what seemed like forever (I'm sure the the kids thought it seemed like forever, too!), I finally decided to go with the 18-24 month suit (it was returnable if I kept the tags on). This morning I finally decided to see just how big it was. Well, it is a good thing I didn't go any smaller because the swimming suit actually fits her pretty good now! At least the suit is stretchy...I'm praying that it will fit her all summer long. I couldn't resist taking her picture in the suit...she just looked too cute!

Playing at the table!
Sienna can stand for a short period of time and play at Brayden's old table. She is also starting to pull herself up onto her knees and occasionally to her feet...and then of course she falls over since she doesn't have any concept of balance yet. Needless to say, she has bonked her head quite a few times lately. In fact, she has hit her head so many times that it doesn't even phase her anymore.

Sienna's Push-ups
Sienna's started a workout regimen which includes lots of crazy push-ups!

Brayden's Art Easel
Brayden's favorite things to do at home are draw, play with play-doh, & do puzzles. He can even do a 24 piece CARS jigsaw puzzle all by himself!

Friday, January 11, 2008

VIDEO: Sienna's Crawling

For those of you who don't get to see Sienna very often, I thought I'd post a short video (22 seconds) of Sienna crawling so that you check out her new skills! Enjoy!

Boys will be boys!

Have I ever mentioned how much Brayden loves to jump? With the exception of his new favorite TV show, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, it is his favorite thing to do! In the beginning we were absolutely opposed to him jumping off of any of the furniture in the house. After all, that is why we go to Gymboree! However, he was so determined to jump off of all of the furniture that we finally allowed him to jump off of one piece of furniture...the leather chair. Last night I finally remembered to take some pictures to share...enjoy!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy 7 Month Birthday, Sienna!

Can it really be? 7 months sounds so much older than 6 months! Sienna is still such a happy baby and is always full of smiles. Over the last week or two she has started to cuddle a little bit more which I absolutely love...Brayden was never a cuddler, either!

Sienna weighs 17.8 pounds and she now loves her fruits and vegetables and isn't quite as fond of the oatmeal that she used to gobble up. Maybe she won't be as picky of an eater, after all. Sienna still only has the 2 teeth that came in at 4 1/2 months...she has to be the slowest teether ever! Luckily it looks like the top 4 teeth will be making an appearance any day (or night!). I am amazed at how different two siblings can be...Brayden had 8 teeth by the time he was this age.

It's official, Sienna's crawling! She surprised us at 5 1/2 months when she started doing the "army crawl" and over the last few weeks she started putting one hand and one knee forward. She must have been practicing a lot this week because last night, out of nowhere, she started crawling across the room!!!
Sienna loves to smile BIG for the camera!
Sienna had her first encounter with the sippy cup yesterday. She wasn't very successful at sucking the water out of the spout, but she sure was excited about chewing on it!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Christmas 2007

Can it really be 2008 already? The last 6 months have gone by in the blink of an eye! For the first time in what seems like forever, we spent Christmas with my family in Bend. We were there for 7 wonderful snow filled days! Well, my family probably didn't think it was so "wonderful" because apparently we still had the stomach bug and we managed to share it with all of them. What a Christmas to remember!

Lots and Lots of Toys!!!
Let me just start by saying that our house has been taken over by TOYS! Apparently we need to buy a bigger house so the toys can have their own room. After taking 2 very large boxes of toys out to the garage, our living room is still overflowing with toys!

Brayden got a t-ball set and after only a couple of practice swings he quickly became a pro! I still can't believe that Grandma & Grandpa Macnab let him hit the ball in the house!

Brayden also got a pretty cool 4 Wheeler for Christmas. Unfortunately it had to stay in Bend because there was absolutely no room for it in the MDX!

One of Brayden's favorite toys was an art easel. He loved to draw with the chalk and markers!
Brayden and Sienna had fun playing with their Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

Opening Christmas Presents
After having to practically force Brayden to open his birthday presents 2 months ago (I think I ended up opening most of them), I was pretty sure that he wasn't going to open that many of his Christmas presents. I couldn't have been more wrong! Not only did Brayden open his own presents, but at Grandma and Grandpa Boley's house he also opened all of my presents, Daddy's presents AND Sienna's presents!!!

One of Brayden's favorite presents was a garbage truck! He is obsessed with the trucks that come and get our garbage. As soon as he hears them driving by the house we have to run to the front door so he can watch them pick up the garbage!

Even Sienna did a pretty good job of opening her own presents!

She actually managed to tear off some wrapping paper to chew on...whoops!

Looks like Sienna's going to love books just like her brother!

The Christmas Tree
I really, really wanted to get a good picture of the kids together under the tree this year. Unfortunately Brayden had a different idea...for some some reason Brayden will NOT smile for the camera anymore. He used to love having his picture taken and would actually throw a temper tantrum if I DIDN'T take his picture!

While Sienna was smiling pretty for the camera...

Brayden was busy playing with Grandma and Grandpa's choo choo train!

As I mentioned earlier, we got what we considered to be quite a bit of snow while we were in Bend...about 4 inches! hehe! If it would have snowed 4 inches when I was living in Bend I would have been like "what snow???"! However, now that I live in the the valley I think 4 inches is a crazy amount of snow! Although, after going outside in my pajamas to take pictures, I decided that it was much more fun to watch the snow from inside the house!

Brayden had fun helping Grandpa shovel the sidewalk.
Grandpa even taught Brayden how to make a snowball!
And then Grandpa took Brayden for a walk in the snow!