Thursday, November 29, 2007

Random Post Thursday!

Every day Brayden becomes more and more interested in playing with Sienna. In fact, they play so well together that I am actually able to relax on the couch for a few seconds during the day! ;)
Brayden still loves to give Sienna a ton of kisses!

Brayden tried to leave the Intellitainer, but Sienna wasn't quite ready to see him go so she made a grab for his shirt!

Brayden had fun showing Sienna how to use his Winnie the Pooh telephone!

Ummm...did I mention those are Carter's 12 MONTH pajamas that Sienna is wearing???? What in the world...she's not even 6 months old yet!

Sienna started an exercise routine that includes a lot of push-ups...

And a lot of rolling around!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a big girl!

Sienna's a big girl now...she can sit in the boppy! She still needs a little help because she tends to lean over too far when reaching for something and she can't quite get herself upright again. However, I'm sure it won't be too long before she'll be sitting all by herself! As you can see, she was quite proud of her accomplishment and had so much fun sitting!

Sienna's 1st visit from Santa!

Every year we take Brayden to sit on Santa's (Grandpa Boley) lap at Parker Furniture. Last year Brayden was a bit scared and Grandma Boley had to distract him with candy canes! Now that Brayden is older, he's figured it out...Grandpa is Santa Claus! Every time he sees santa in a book, he calls him "Grandpa"! When Santa stopped by on Friday to say hi to the kids, Brayden wasn't a bit scared...he even gave him a hug!

Ok, so both of the kids are in their pajamas because 1) Brayden was so hyped up from Thanksgiving the day before and from Grandma & Grandpa Macnab's visit earlier in the day that he wouldn't take a nap and 2) Sienna's teeth were really bothering her and she wouldn't eat or nap! It was a pretty crazy day and I didn't feel like dealing with putting cute little outfits on them. :P

Well, of course since both kids were pretty cranky we couldn't get them to smile at the same time. First Sienna smiled....

About 20 pictures later, Brayden finally smiled...kind of!

Great Grandma Hewitt with Sienna on Friday!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yet another random picture post!

Ever wonder what would happen if you slammed your face into a chair? Brayden thought he'd check it out...turns out you get a lump and a bruise! The bruise appeared as soon as he hit the chair...OUCH!

Brayden & Sienna are becoming best buds...

Sienna is always trying to touch Brayden. To my surprise, Brayden actually likes it!

Rolling Around
Sienna's new favorite spot to hang out is underneath the coffee table!

Brayden always has fun doing flips with Daddy!

Brayden still loves to give Sienna lots of kisses...on the lips!

Brayden likes to take his toys over to the Intellitainer to show Sienna...she is never bored when Brayden's around! I realize just how much work it is to entertain her when Brayden is napping.

First they played with the giraffe...

And then the airplane, which Sienna immediately tried to chew on.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Another Random Picture Post!

Brayden REALLY wanted to hold Sienna last night. Chris was holding Sienna while Brayden was eating dinner and as he walked by Brayden held out his hands to hold her. It was too cute! Brayden was still interested in holding Sienna after dinner and tried to pick her up all by himself!
Sienna looks like she's almost as big as her brother!

Sienna is getting good at rolling over both directions! She can roll all over the room now, which is a little scary because Brayden has quite a few small toys that she probably shouldn't "play with" other words CHEW ON! Sienna has 2 teeth now and chews on everything in site.
Sienna rolled from her play gym all the way over to where Brayden had left some of his "choo choo" trains!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Random Picture Post

Brayden started off the day by reading a book to Sienna. I am amazed at how much Sienna loves Brayden...if she only knew how mean big brothers are when they get older!

Sienna has been interested in playing with her feet for quite awhile...usually when she is sitting in the bumbo chair. Now that she is finally weaned from the swaddle and the sleep positioner (which was no easy task!), she has discovered that instead of taking her naps, she can play with her feet!

Sienna can stand! Well, kind of. ;) Even though she can support her full weight, it will be awhile before she learns how to balance on her own!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What is this stuff???

Well, it turns out that it was time to see what Sienna would do with a little rice cereal. Sienna hasn't been sleeping through the night for the last few months, due to various reasons and recently started needing a bottle in the middle of the night. She's been eating a crazy amount of milk...36 oz on Sunday and 39 oz on Monday!

The Rice Cereal: It took awhile for her to start eating the rice cereal but she eventually got the hang of it and ate the whole bowl!

Sienna opened right up but wasn't quite sure what to think once she tasted it.
She quickly decided that she did not want this "stuff" in her mouth and spit it right out!
Sienna really wanted to help with the spoon so I gave her one of her own to play with.
She was amazingly accurate getting the spoon to her mouth!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Sienna!

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Sienna! I cannot believe that my baby is already 5 months old. Not too much longer until we'll start her on solid foods!!!

Sienna's first tooth broke through on Monday, November 5th...just 5 days short of her 5 month birthday. Brayden had 3 teeth by 5 months and 6 teeth by 6 months so she has quite a bit of catching up to do. Sienna has been continuing to get fussier so I'm guessing that she'll have more teeth popping through any day.

Sienna weighs 16.2 pounds (~78th %) and is wearing mostly 9 month clothes!

We also weighed Brayden tonight and he finally made it to 28.0 pounds, but only with his clothes on. He's only gained 7 pounds since he was 9 months old!!!


Every time a toy stops working, Brayden says "NEW BATTERIES"! When his "Learn Through Music" toy stopped working yesterday, he pulled up a chair (his Sit 'n Spin), broke out his Black & Decker screwdriver and got busy changing the batteries. The funniest part was that he was actually trying to unscrew the right screws!

The Portland Children's Museum

Since Chris had the day off from work, we took the kids to the children's museum. About 10 minutes after we arrived the storm knocked out the power. There was still enough light from the emergency generators that they didn't close, but they did close Brayden's favorite area, the WATER ROOM! Apparently the emergency generators don't keep the water pumping. Luckily we started off in that room so we did get a few minutes in there to play. The museum was extremely busy and it wasn't nearly as much fun with the water room off limits. Luckily we get to come back again for free!


THE BIG BLUE TUNNEL: Brayden doesn't usually like to play in tunnels with other kids. At Gymboree he gets pretty scared if another child starts crawling through the tunnel with him (he definitely doesn't like his personal space to be invaded). However, today he played in the tunnel at the museum with all of the other kids! YEA!

THE MAGNET ROOM: Brayden absolutely loves to play with magnets! Every time we go to someone's house that has magnets on their refrigerator, he is instantly drawn to them and will spend the entire time playing in the kitchen.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

VIDEO: Sienna Jumpin' in her Jumparoo!

Sienna absolutely loves her Jumparoo...and her big brother! I finally remembered to take some video to share. You can see in the first video just how much she loves Brayden...she giggles every time he walks by! She was too busy giggling to do much jumping so video #2 is of Sienna jumping. Enjoy!

Video #1:

Video #2

Friday, November 02, 2007

Where's That Lip?

Sienna found a new teether....her bottom lip! Brayden had 3 teeth by the time he turned 5 months. In 8 days she'll be 5 months and she doesn't have even 1 tooth. Until one pops through, I'm guessing we won't be seeing much of her lip!

Sienna has quite a bit of arm strength now. She can roll both directions but hasn't quite perfected rolling from tummy to back yet.

BIG Smiles!

When Sienna isn't busy chewing on her lip, she's always full of BIG smiles. I couldn't help but share these smiley pictures! :)

Sittin' on the Sit 'N Spin

I mentioned in an earlier post that Brayden likes to sit on his Sit 'N Spin like it is a bar stool...

Brayden decided to read a book at the table.
When Brayden saw Sienna sitting in her Bumbo chair, he grabbed his Sit 'N Spin and joined her (after stealing her teething toy)!
Brayden feels as though he needs to chew on all of Sienna's toys...he must be feeling left out that he's not teething anymore!