Saturday, May 05, 2007

Our baby is all grown up...he got his first haircut today!!! He did much better than we expected. He wasn't shy at all when we arrived. They have a lot of toys and he went straight for a huge fire engine. He was pretty happy until we tried to put him in the airplane...that is when the hysterics started! Kim was very patient with him and got some bubbles and toys out for him to play with. The bubbles calmed him down enough so that we could finally get him into the airplane.

He had a lot of fun playing with all of the airplane controls.

And then the haircut started!

Brayden was being so unbelievably good!

Luckily he made it through the majority of the haircut before the hysterics started again. Once Kim started cutting the hair around his ears, it was all over!
Bye bye curls! I couldn't believe how wavy his hair was in back after the long curls were cut off!

He looks so grown up with his short hair!

We tried giving Brayden his first DumDum sucker to keep him entertained at the salon, but he wanted nothing to do with it until we got home. I'm not sure he'll be getting another one anytime soon...he was a sticky mess afterwards!