Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sienna's 1st Boo Boo

Right after lunch today, Sienna got her first boo boo...well, that's if you don't count minor bumps and bruises. She fell in the kitchen and hit her mouth on the corner of the cabinet. She gave herself a fat lip and cut the inside of her mouth on one of her teeth. Luckily it appears that all of the teeth are ok. Hopefully we won't have to postpone her 12 month pictures that are scheduled for next weekend. The "funny" thing is that the week before Brayden's 12 month pictures, he fell and hit his forehead on the edge of an open door. Luckily that was easy to photoshop out of the picture. Unfortunately the pictures don't do a very good job of showing how swollen her lip is (don't forget that if you click on the pictures, you can get a closer look at her lip!).


Catrina said...

Oh, My! How traumatic! Poor girl. I have to say though, the crocodile tears just melt my heart.