Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

For Chris' 36th birthday, the kids painted hanging tiles. Brayden painted his tile first, while Sienna colored Chris' birthday card (I wasn't sure I could handle both kids painting w/non-washable paints at the same time!).

When Brayden was finished painting, Sienna painted her tile and Brayden finished coloring Chris' birthday card.

Sienna had so much fun painting that she didn't want to stop. Before she completely ruined the tile (swirling all of the colors made a horrendous brown color), I took it away and let her paint Mickey Mouse!
Here are there finished products (Sienna's is on the left and Brayden's is on the right):


Catrina said...

Wow! I'm constantly amazed by their interest in art. Our art projects always end in frustration on my part. Wyatt is getting better, but I still can't find anything (crayons, paint, markers) that Avery won't put in her mouth. Grr! I love the tile idea. Where did you get the tiles? It's a great gift idea!! I'm sure Chris loved them.

The Elliotts said...

Great idea! Where did you find those tiles Shel?