Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sienna's 1st Trip to the Dentist!!!

Saturday we took the kids to the dentist. We LOVE the kids' dentist: Dr. James at Dentistry for Kids. This was Brayden's 4th trip to the dentist...he's pretty much a pro. However, this was Sienna's first time in the dentist chair. When Brayden was 2, the dentist looked at his teeth and that was pretty much the extent of the visit. The whole idea is to get young kids comfortable going to the dentist. When Brayden turned 3, they cleaned his teeth for the first time! After Brayden's 1st two visits, I had no idea that his 3rd visit would be so exciting. Unfortunately, Sienna and I had stayed home and missed the excitement! Since Sienna just turned 2, I really wasn't expecting much out of her visit...I thought it'd be similar to Brayden's 1st 2 visits.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Sienna got the full treatment. And, I must say that I'm still in a little bit of shock as to how well she did! Not only did she smile and open wide when they asked her to, but...
She let them clean her teeth, too!!! At first she was a bit scared of the tooth polisher, so the hygienist decided to start by brushing her teeth with a regular toothbrush. Sienna opened right up and after a few minutes of brushing, the hygienist brought the tooth polisher out and Sienna opened right up!

Sienna also opened right up for the water rinse and water sucker/vacuum!!! She even closed her mouth around the water vacuum...from what Chris tells me, Brayden was scared to close his mouth over it. As you can imagine, the even hygienist was extremely impressed with Sienna!
To top it all off, Sienna actually let them take x-rays!
She never even hesitated...she opened right up and bit down on the x-ray card!!!! What a trooper!
Poor Brayden was in the room next to Sienna, so I only have one picture of him. I'll have to bring the camera next time so I can take some pictures of him (this was the first time I actually remembered to bring a camera). Sienna wasn't the only one who did great. As usual, Brayden let them clean his teeth and take x-rays. This time they also tried to take side x-rays, but he didn't like the way it felt, so he wouldn't bite down. Oh well, maybe next time!
I am so proud of Brayden and Sienna...I can only hope that they continue to do so well when they visit the dentist in the future!