Monday, February 01, 2010

Work, Work, Work!!!

All the kids ever want to do is work, work, work! If only they could make "real" money, then Chris wouldn't have to work so hard!

One would think that Sienna would be bothered by the hair that is constantly hanging in her face. She hates having her hair touched, and unless we are leaving the house, I don't try to touch her hair. I guess she's going to be a tom boy like me! Although, she is pretty adament that she does NOT want anyone to cut her hair...although, I'm not sure if it is because she likes her long hair, or if she just doesn't want anyone touching her hair. ;)
Brayden and Sienna LOVE to work on their cash registers (we had to buy them an extra one for Christmas so they'd stop fighting over the McDonald's register). They are sitting on comfy chairs that I made out of the couch cushions...


Catrina said...

Oh my goodness....Sienna looks like she's twelve!! I just love her hair, in her face or not.