Friday, May 21, 2010

Mother's Dessert at Brayden's Preschool!

The Tuesday night before Mother's Day, Brayden's preschool had a Mother's Dessert. At the dessert, we got the gifts that the kids had made for us...a plate and a flower. I didn't get a picture of the flower, but Brayden painted my face in the middle of the flower and then said what he enjoyed doing with me...playing Candyland and "picking up". haha!
Then the kids sang 3 songs for us. I was impressed that Brayden wasn't shy AND he even sang the songs!!! Too bad I didn't think to bring the video camera!

Next year I'll get TWO special nights with the with Sienna's three's class and one with Brayden's four's class! YEA!


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