Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Our 8th Anniversary!

While we were in Bend for the 4th of July, Chris and I were able to get away for a night at the new Oxford Hotel! Our room was awesome, and being the germ-a-phobe that I am, I was super excited to stay in a hotel that had been open for less than a year!

Here we are enjoying the bottle of champagne waiting for us in our room!

We were on the 3rd floor and had a small little patio. The patio was one of my favorite things about the room...most hotels don't even have windows that open!!! Plus, it was a great location for people watching. Not to mention that we had a good view of the "Pet Parade" the next morning (I'll post more about that when I post the pics from our weekend in Bend).

We decided to try out the Oxford's restaurant "10 Below" for dinner. I got the filet, which tasted fabulous, but wasn't as tender as one would think for $32! Chris got a burger (big surprise) for 16 bucks! After the waitress convinced us to get a dessert to take back to our room (we were both stuffed), we got the check and saw that she gave us the dessert for free because it was our anniversary! YEA!!!
After dinner, we headed to the Wall Street Bar to play pool and video poker. Unfortunately, we played pretty poorly at both. I guess that's what happens when you only play pool once every year or two!