Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Brayden's Random 5th Birthday Celebrations!

We celebrated Brayden's birthday at preschool on the 18th, which started the week of the never ending birthday celebrations!  Sienna and I brought cupcakes for him and 14 of his classmates!
The next morning was Brayden's real birthday.  Since his birthday party was that night, we decided the best time for him to open our presents was after breakfast.  Luckily Chris was working from home that day, so it worked out great!   We gave Brayden a Trio Batcave and a couple of Trio Batman Accessories.  I think he was pretty excited!
I didn't want to make another cake for Brayden's family party, so we made more cupcakes!  This was the birthday that just kept on going and going and going!
Brayden was acting silly because he was so excited to open MORE presents!!!
Sienna was being pretty silly, too!  Please excuse her pajamas...she REFUSED to put clothes on.  I have no idea where she got her stubborness...Chris and I aren't stubborn at all! ;)
Brayden was so excited about a Star Wars Trouble game from his cousins (& Aunt & Uncle)!!!!
Brayden talked for MONTHS about this Buzz Lightyear that he saw at the Disney Store.  Nevermind that he already had a Buzz at home!  Although, I do have to admit that this one is MUCH cooler than his old one.  At least we have 2 now so the kids don't fight over him anymore.  :)
What a fun week of birthday celebrations!  Pretty soon I'll have to start planning Sienna's 4th birthday party, and I just don't think I'm mentally ready for that!  I think I might actually try to make her 3rd birthday princess castle cake after the holidays...she never did get one since I cracked my rib the day of her birthday party and I never got around to finishing it!