Monday, July 18, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend - Lincoln City

Our friends invited us to spend Memorial Day Weekend with them at a beach house in Lincoln City.  I'm not sure who was more or the kids!  We really lucked out with the weather...we were able to spend most of our time outside and we weren't even miserable!  I'd say that's pretty amazing for the Oregon Coast!

Olivia, Sienna & Ava ready to hit the beach!
Sienna & her bestest buddy, Olivia...ADORABLE!
What a BEAUTIFUL day!
Sienna, Olivia & Ava doing some digging!

Rob and the kids (minus Brayden who stayed back at the house with Chris...Brayden fell in the water the day before and was scared to go back!!!)!
Elijah, Olivia, Sienna & Ava
Lunch time!  Olivia, Sienna, Ava, Logan & Brayden
Game time!  Olivia, Brayden, Sienna & Elijah
More game time!  Elijah, Logan & Brayden
Olivia & Sienna spent most of their "inside" time coloring pictures together...
Football Time!  The boys spent most of the weekend throwing and catching a football!

Sienna & Olivia practicing their dancing skills!
It was such a FUN weekend!!!  I can't wait for our next vacation with the Coleman Clan!