Sunday, September 09, 2007

Random Pictures

Yesterday we took Sienna in for her 3 month pictures (she'll be 3 months tomorrow). She is so smiley and giggly at home that I thought for sure she would smile for her professional pictures. However, that was not the case! We did get a good family picture and one of Brayden and Sienna together. I'll post those pictures in a few weeks when we get them.

Until then, here is a picture of our little cutie pie in her rocking chair. I wish we had taken a picture of her in this when she was first born...the little seatbelt was practically up to her is unbelieveable how much she has grown in 3 months!

Sienna and me hanging out before bed...
Brayden has decided that it is fun to carry his toys around the house in his Mickey Mouse bucket. It is so cute how he grabs onto the two handles.