Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sienna's New Crib

Eight looooong weeks after ordering Sienna's furniture, the crib finally arrived! Unfortunately the store messed up our order and the rest of her furniture won't be here until the end of September...(sigh)...

I'm sure Sienna is just as happy as I am to get her new bed...she went from sleeping in Brayden's old, uncomfortable pack 'n play to a super cute, comfy crib. :) Sienna's room was so dark and depressing before her crib arrived that I didn't even like being in there long enough to change her diaper! Now I want to go in there all of the time to check out her new crib. ;)

The OLD bed:
Sienna insists on sleeping sideways...I have yet to figure out how she is able to move so much with the swaddling blanket on...
The NEW bed:
So far she hasn't been able to move around as much in the new crib... maybe the new sheets aren't as slippery as the pack 'n play sheets!


The Elliotts said...

Sienna looks just like Bella all swaddled up, I love it! Thank you for sharing the pics. I love pink and brown! Thanks for having us girls over today. It was so fun to see you. Brayden is too cute too..."YES!" :-) What a sweetie. See you Wednesday!