Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bring on the Pumpkins and Peas!

Grandma Boley gave the kids some yard tools for Easter. Brayden had so much fun pretending to plant seeds with Aunt Kari that she offered to help Brayden plant real seeds! Friday afternoon Kari and the boys headed over to plant pumpkins & peas! Hopefully the kids will actually put a vegetable in their mouth if they grow it themselves!

Brayden, Aunt Kari & Jack worked together to fill the planter with the soil while Sienna was off exploring the yard with her cousin Brian.
A little while later, Sienna followed Jack all around the yard, copying everything he did!

I ended up having to rescue her from the rock wall when she was about to fall off...she's a little too small to keep up with her 7 year old cousin!
Next Aunt Kari taught Brayden how to make holes in the soil with his fingers so he could plant the seeds!
Sienna eventually wandered over to see what Brayden & Aunt Kari were up to.
As it turned out, she wanted to join in the fun, too!

After all of the seeds were planted, Brayden watered them with the squirt bottle.
After the seeds had been planted and watered, Sienna found Brayden's shovel and started adding even more dirt to the planter (I guess she felt a little left out that she hadn't gotten to play in the dirt!).
Of course, that meant that Brayden wanted another turn, too!