Sunday, April 26, 2009


Getting the kids into their pajamas usually goes fairly long as we do it early enough so that they still have a few minutes to play before heading upstairs. The other night I couldn't help but laugh at Brayden's anti-pajama antics. He was running around the house in his underwear, throwing his pajamas and Sienna's stuffed animals into the air...
Next he participated in a little underwear kung-fu fighting/dancing.

Brayden's final excuse for not getting his pajamas on: his clothes were hanging up to "dry". Apparently he's helped me do the laundry a few too many times!


G said...

OMG, too funny

Catrina said...

What a goofball! Wyatt has been okay on the pajama front, but potty training has been a completely different story. We've gone back to pull ups full time, and he could care less. Sheesh! See you in the morning!