Friday, January 08, 2010

Christmas Cookies!

Where does the time go? For some reason, our blog, which was once at the top of my priority list, is now at the bottom. Maybe I'll get back on track now that the holidays are over. Here are a few pictures of the kids making cookies before Christmas. I bought them their own little rolling pins, thinking they'd have lots of fun rolling out their own dough. Unfortunately the cut-out cookie dough was too hard for them... So, I rolled the dough out on my amazing roulpat (if you don't have one, you NEED one) and then let the kids use their rolling pins on the dough.

This year, they were both old enough to use the cookie cutters by themselves!

Since I only have one roulpat, the kids had to take turns. Brayden was super excited when he finally got his turn!

We didn't have time to frost all of the cookies, so each time the kids were given a cookie, they also got a dab of frosting (& sprinkles) to decorate their cookie with. It actually worked out great because it spread out the cookie decorating fun and gave them more incentive to eat a good dinner!


cjanet said...

You are so good! I have never done that with the kids and never thought too. I wish I had. :)