Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cookies, Christmas Trees, Race Tracks & More!

Four days after Thanksgiving, I had surgery so my parents came to take care of the kids for a week. The Civil War game was on while they were here, so we all sported our orange to support OSU! Unfortunately we weren't able to pull off the win, but it was still a good game. My mom brought fun Christmas Tree cookies for the kids to bake...gotta love pre-made cookies!
While my parents were here, my Dad fixed the hinges on the toy box that he made for Brayden's 1st birthday. Now it can double as a bench, as it was intended. Of course, the kids think it is such a fun spot to sit now. :)

While I laid on the couch trying to recover from my surgery, Chris got all of our Christmas decorations out. The kids were super excited to get the Christmas Tree Advent Calendar out again.

Chris and the kids also got our Christmas Tree out of the box and built it together. I don't know why people are so excited about getting "real" Christmas Trees...we spent just over $100 for our tree about 7 or 8 years ago and it still looks like it did the day we bought it. Plus, we don't have to get all bundled up and go out into the freezing cold rain to find the perfect tree. Oh, and it also makes WAY less mess...no pine needles to vacuum up every day. And, no tree to water!

Once the tree was decorated, Brayden and Chris put the tree skirt around the tree. We bought new "shatterproof" ornaments and lights at Costco this year and we were still looking for a new tree skirt and tree topper. I'm not sure why I ever bought a blue tree skirt...we've NEVER had blue ornaments!
The kids have special personalized ornaments that we bought for them last year (the pictures are at the bottom of the post) and they put those on the tree last.
The next day, while I laid on the couch, Chris went out in search of a new tree topper and tree skirt! Here is the finished product! Next year I'd like to add a red garland made out of beads. I'd also like a nicer tree topper as the one that we eventually ended up with was only about $5 and doesn't really match the rest of the tree. I'm always disappointed in how our Christmas Tree looks in pictures...it is so much prettier in person!
Last week, Brayden and Sienna received late birthday presents from one of their friends. Brayden got this super cool race track with super fast 4 wheeler trucks! I should have taken a video because I kept hearing Brayden giggling while watching his cars crash into each other (he likes to have them race in opposite directions....such a boy)!


cjanet said...

I have an artificial tree as well. LOVE IT!! This year was year 9 or 10 and we finally had to get rid of it. This time I want to get one that has LIGHTS on it. I'm tired of stringing lights. Haha!