Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Brayden's Preschool Playdate at The Children's Museum!!!

On May 1st, Brayden and I had a playdate at The Children's Museum with 2 of his preschool buddies, and their moms. We had so much fun hanging out...the moms got to chat while the boys all played together!

Brayden, Koen & Logan

Brayden surprised me and wanted to paint his face at the Hand & Body Painting station!
Fun in the water room!
Brayden & Koen driving the ambulance!
Brayden and Koen got a little wild playing chase around (and in) this pretend log, but at least they took a break for a picture!
We finished the day off with lunch at Big Red's! Luckily we got there before it got too busy because the kids were still pretty wild from the excitement of The Children's Museum!!