Monday, June 21, 2010

The Children's Museum (& Zoo)

There's nothing like a free trip to the Children's Museum! A few weeks ago, I checked the Children's Museum Pass out from the library and we set off for a free morning at the museum, then a picnic lunch at the Zoo! Although, it ended up being colder and cloudier than they had originally forecasted (big surprise!!!), so our picnic lunch ended up being inside instead.
The kids spent over an hour in the "digging room"...if only I had brought a book to read!

I finally got the kids out of the digging room and into the "water" room!

On the way to the "store", the kids made a quick stop to brush the alligator's teeth!
The kids took turns doing the grocery shopping and being the "checker"!
Next stop: Installing the plumbing in a house!
The kids weren't ready to leave the museum, but it was lunch time. So we walked across the parking lot to the Zoo, which just so happened to also be free since we are Zoo members! After our "picnic" lunch inside, the kids talked me into buying them some cotton candy!
I was surprised they ate as much as they did, which wasn't all that much, since they both hate to be messy/sticky!

What a fun, free morning with the kids! It was definitely one of my favorite outings and I can't wait to do it again!


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