Friday, September 17, 2010

Brayden's 1st Day of Preschool!

Wednesday was Brayden's first day of preschool! This year Brayden is in Teacher Andy's 4's class (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) and Sienna is in Teacher Andy's 3's class (Tuesday, Thursday). Have I also mentioned that I'm now the preschool's Treasurer? This is going to be one busy year!!!
In the 4's class, they write their whole name in the sand!

Math games!
Brayden was so excited to be back at school! I hope that he always loves school this much!
I must say that it was MUCH easier dropping Brayden off at school than it was Sienna. Brayden has several close friends in was so cute to see him sit right down and start chatting away. When I dropped Sienna off on Thursday, I was so scared that she wasn't going to want me to leave. She's such a mommy's girl and has NO IDEA how to play with other kids, without her "security blanket", Brayden. But, she did pretty good at drop off and did great after I left. HOORAY! Once she makes some friends of her own, I know I'll feel more relaxed. At least she told me that she "LOVES" Teacher Andy!!!


"Sunshine" said...

Wonderful pictures, Shelley. I love checking out your blog.

Catrina said...

Well, I couldn't think of anyone better to be the school treasurer. You'll have that little preschool organized to the very half-cent. Haha!