Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sienna's 1st Day of Preschool!

Today was Sienna's FIRST day of preschool!!!! It's hard to believe that just 1 year ago, Brayden had his first day of preschool! She wouldn't put her backpack on, but she eventually decided to let me take her picture with her lunchbox. :)
I decided I should make Sienna's first day my first parent help day, too. Between Brayden's class (4's) and Sienna's (3's), I have 23 parent help days this year. I figured Sienna wouldn't let me leave, anyways, so I might as well make it count! Since we had to arrive 30 minutes early, Sienna and Ryan (his mom was also parent helping) helped Teacher Andy put all 15 name cards on the board!

Then Teacher Andy showed Sienna how to draw the first letter of her name in the red sand.
Then it was Sienna's turn to draw the "S"!
She surprised me and drew her first "S"...and it was perfect! I wish you could see it in the picture, but the "S" didn't really show up. Darn!
After signing in, the kids go directly to the math games table.
After math games, Sienna had fun playing with dye, eye droppers and ice cube trays!
Sienna's "Rainbow Girl"!
Snack time!
All 15 3 year old's eating their snacks!
What a fun day! I was a little nervous having 15 kids in the class (Brayden's 3 year old class only had 11), but they all did pretty good. Sienna even did good until snack time was over, and then she must have gotten tired because she wanted me to hold her and threw a small tantrum. But, I expected that to happen the entire day, so I still consider it a success. Now we'll just have to see how she does on Thursday when I drop her off...hopefully she'll want to stay and won't start crying! Tomorrow is Brayden's first day of school...I expect that to go smoothly since Brayden LOVES the school, and Teacher Andy!


"Sunshine" said...

Wonderful pictures, Shelley..
Sienna sure is growing up as is Sofie, Kari-Anne's 3 1/2 year old.
She started school yesterday and was also one mighty proud girl.