Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Trip to the Coast...

We decided to take the kids to the coast on Sunday. Of course we left later than we wanted so by the time we got to Lincoln City it was time for lunch. We ate at Kyllo's and Brayden actually ate a few bites of chicken strips and "frenchies" (french fries)! It was the first time he has ever eaten any restaurant food. YEA!

Labor Day weekend was probably not the best time to try to visit the beach...it was packed! We got lucky and found a parking spot down by Moe's. It wasn't the best beach location but at least we could walk down to the water. It was actually more like a lake where we were...no waves! Next time we'll have to go when it isn't quite so busy!

Brayden did great on the drive to beach. We made use of the dvd player in our new SUV and he watched parts of Cars & Ice Age. Sienna also had a great trip...she was so quiet that we barely knew she was with us!

Brayden eating breakfast before the drive to Lincoln City. He no longer wants to sit in his high chair...he has to sit in his big boy chair. The US Open was on tv and Brayden really wanted to watch it too, so he made us turn his chair around so he could watch the tennis match. He also loves to watch football.

Pictures from Lincoln City!