Monday, October 29, 2007

Pump It Up!

I can't believe it has taken me so long to post Brayden's birthday pictures! We all had a great time at Pump It Up. Even the grandparents had a great time jumping, bouncing, and climbing with Brayden!

After 1.5 hours of jumping, Brayden was still not ready to stop. Once we went into the "Party Room", he kept trying to open the door to go back into the inflatable room!

Daddy, Grandma Boley, and I all had fun helping Brayden climb through the obstacle course.

Grandma and Grandpa Macnab had lots of fun jumping and bouncing with Brayden!
Grandma Boley jumping with Brayden!

Here we all are after 1.5 hours of jumping!

Not Pictured: Randee, Doug, Daniel, & Andrew
In the party room, Brayden got to sit in the BIG birthday chair!

Brayden actually spent quite a bit of time checking out the drinking fountain...again (he also played with the drinking fountain at the last birthday party we went to at Pump It Up). He had so much fun "playing" in the drinking fountain that Grandma Boley had to give him one of his birthday presents early...a shirt! His other shirt was completely soaked with water!
Brayden did a great job of blowing out his candle! Ok, maybe he had a little help from Daddy!
Brayden might have needed help with the candle, but he certainly didn't need any help eating his cake...he ate the WHOLE piece all by himself...with a BIG fork!
After we left Pump It Up, we had our families over for presents and dinner.