Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Random Fun

Sienna is into touching everything...in fact, she rolls around so much trying to touch the things around her that it is hard to get her to hold still for a diaper change. She has mastered rolling onto her tummy but she hasn't figured out how to roll from her tummy to her back yet. I think we have to "rescue" her about 20 times a day!

Sienna is really into playing with toys. Brayden is even starting to let her have some toys to play with. ;) Every once in awhile he even runs over to give her the toy she dropped!

We decided it was time to break out Brayden's old Intellitainer. I think Brayden was just under 3 months when he started using it (he was a lot stronger than Sienna is). It was a lifesaver once he started crawling because I could plop him in it and he couldn't get into any trouble! Hopefully Sienna will like it just as much.

Sienna watches TV any chance she gets... apparently it is more entertaining than her toys.

Of course, Brayden wants to play with the Intellitainer, too...who cares if he can barely fit into the seat? It was actually the first thing he played with when he woke up this morning.
More pictures of Brayden, the ARTIST! I was very impressed with his coloring...
He even knew to color the actual pictures in the book!