Monday, October 29, 2007

TONS of Random Pictures of Brayden & Sienna!

I take lots of random pictures every day and haven't found the time to post, here they ALL are! ;)

The other day Sienna decided that she no longer needed my help with the bottle!

Of course, she needed a little help from mommy when the bottle was full!
Brayden tries to imitate everything that Sienna does. Sienna scooted, rolled and who knows what else right out of her play gym and onto the carpet. The next thing we knew, Brayden was on the floor mimicking Sienna!

Brayden got a Sit 'N Spin for his birthday. He's getting pretty good at spinning all by himself. Of course, his favorite things to do are to stand on it (which he falls down every time) and to sit on the yellow handle like a bar stool!

Brayden being silly! This picture reminds me of all the funny faces he made for the camera when he was "younger". ;) Here are some pictures from his old blogspot when he was 13 months old: Brayden
Chris & I bought Brayden a Black & Decker Tool Bench for his birthday. He absolutely loves playing with all of the power tools! Grandpa Macnab will have to show Brayden how to use real tools when he gets older...much older!
Brayden has fun cutting wood with his saw!

Brayden loves to jump on the furniture. Normally we don't let him do this, but sometimes he is just too entertaining to stop him!
We decided it was time to introduce Sienna to Brayden's old Jumperoo! After only 24 hours Sienna is pretty close to jumping on her own. Until then, Brayden is always there to help her jump!
Before we took our trip to Bend, we decided to test out the travel tent that we bought for Sienna to sleep in. Brayden had a great time playing with his toys in the tent...he was in there all night! Unfortunately Sienna didn't like it quite as much...she started screaming as soon as we put her in it.

Brayden stacked all of his cubes while I was feeding Sienna. I was so impressed that he knew to center the cubes on top of each other when they started to wobble. I think he's going to be smarter than me in a few months...if he isn't already!

Brayden loves to give and get kisses! He even likes to give the cats kisses. However, the cats aren't quite sure about Brayden's kisses...they usually take off running before his lips make contact. This time Stella was pretty brave and stayed on my lap!