Tuesday, December 11, 2007

All Aboard!

Several months ago my friend Catrina and I planned a special trip for our kids aboard the Polar Express Train in Hood River. The train sells out so quickly that when we bought our tickets in September, all of the Saturday trains were already sold out! On Sunday December 9th, we woke the kids up from their naps and headed to Hood River for the 5pm Polar Express going straight to the North Pole!

Given the fact that the train is so popular, I had pretty high expectations. Once we boarded the train, I quickly realized that I shouldn't have set my expectations quite so high. First of all, it was dark outside so I'm not sure that Brayden even realized he was on a train! I also thought that the train was going to be decorated. As you will see from the pictures below, there wasn't much in the way of decorations. On a positive note, we did all get hot chocolate & cookies! Well, Chris ate my cookie, but I did get my own hot chocolate. :) The kids wore their pajamas and when we arrived at the North Pole, all of the kids got to sit on Santa's lap. Santa gave all the kids special bells right off of his sleigh! We also sang lots of Christmas carols which was probably Brayden's favorite part. We've been listening to Christmas music in the car since Thanksgiving and he knows enough of the lyrics to sing along to several songs!

The Mt. Hood Railroad Train

Brayden on the Polar Express!

Daddy with Brayden & Sienna

Brayden & Wyatt getting their cookies

Once we reached the North Pole, the kids were excited to look out the window so they could see Santa! I was just glad they didn't fall out the open windows!

Brayden was so excited when Santa got on board that he went running down the aisle towards him. Luckily Chris caught him and brought him back where he waited oh so patiently to sit on Santa's lap.

I think Brayden was pretty disappointed that this Santa wasn't his Grandpa! Sienna was pretty interested in the bright red suit!

Sienna, Shelley, Catrina & Avery enjoying the ride home from the North Pole