Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Random Post Wednesday!

On Friday I decided it would be fun to try to give Sienna some fruit! I don't know why I thought that Sienna was going to like it...she doesn't even like the flavor of Tylenol, which Brayden has always loved. Is it possible that she'll be a pickier eater than Brayden? I honestly didn't think it was possible! Here are a few funny pictures of Sienna's first time eating PEARS!

I think it is so cute when Brayden and Sienna play together! I frequently find Brayden hanging out with Sienna and doing whatever she's doing...which totally cracks her up!

Normally Brayden hates it when Sienna crawls over to play with whatever he's playing with (it is only ok if it is his idea to share). However, last week he decided it would be ok to let Sienna touch some of his legos. Of course, this was a one time event and hasn't happened since!

I caught Sienna watching Brayden's favorite show "The Backyardigans". It was so funny how she was actually giggling at it!

Brayden and I left Sienna with Grandma Boley and headed to playgroup to make gingerbread houses. Brayden decorated his all by himself! Unfortunately the decorations were too heavy and kept sliding off...whoops!