Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy 6 Month Birthday, Sienna!

Sienna turned 6 months old on Monday! What a big, happy smile...can you see her 2 teeth?

Today she went to the doctor and they gave her 5 shots...ouch!

Sienna is getting so strong: she can sit by herself, do the army crawl, and she loves to stand and jump (with assistance, of course!). She also loves eating off of a spoon so much that I have to make her lots of oatmeal every day just to get her to eat.

Sienna is still growing like a weed:
Weight: 17 lbs 3.5 oz (75th %)
Height: 27 1/4" (94th %)
Head: 43.2 cm (75th %)

For comparison, here are her 4 month measurements:
Weight: 14 lbs 12.7 oz (75th %)
Height: 25 1/4" (85th %)
Head: 41.7 cm (75th %)