Monday, March 03, 2008

More Excitment in Erica Acres!

The Gas Leak
For the 2nd time in less than 2 years, we've looked out the window and seen fire trucks blocking our street. Today I was walking into the kitchen when I just happened to look out the front window. To my surprise, I saw a fire truck with all of it's lights on. As I was showing it to Brayden (& wondering what the heck was going on) one of the firemen came to our door to tell us that the guys who have been working on cable lines in our neighborhood hit a natural gas line at the end of the street. They cut the power and evacuated most of our neighbors. We got very lucky (we were all still in our pj's) and were the first house they considered "safe". I was still a bit worried so I got everyone ready just in case we had to leave the house.

March 3rd, 2008:

The House Fire
It was even more scary when we woke up to the sound of helicopters hovering over our neighborhood in 2006. Chris and I were in Brayden's room getting him ready for daycare when we finally decided to look out the window. We didn't expect to be able to see whatever the commotion was, but to our surprise, the house at the end of our street was on fire! Luckily everyone got out safely but the house was a complete loss. They rebuilt their house from scratch and moved back in last summer. Today the commotion was once again at their house...the natural gas line that was broken was in their yard! Talk about being unlucky!
July 24th, 2006:


Catrina and Eric said...

Good grief! Glad you didn't have to deal with the hassle of evacuating. Looks like quite an ordeal!