Thursday, March 20, 2008

Random Post Thursday!

More Legos
Since buying Brayden more legos (along with the red lego mat) last week, he has become quite good at building things on his own. Last time I posted a picture, he had had a bit of help from Chris with his lego structure. This morning Brayden not only built the whole thing by himself, but he used every single lego in the box!!!

Lego Boats
The other night while I was making dinner (& Chris was feeding Sienna), Brayden decided to see how many lego "boats" he could make. He had a lot of fun making each one...I think he ended up with 16 of them! Each time he brought in a new "boat", Brayden would count how many he had made. Well that was until he reached his 13th boat...he can only count to 12!

The Coat Closet
One of Brayden's new favorite things to do is to hide in the coat closet. There is absolutely no light in there so I am surprised that he isn't scared to be in there by himself. He actually loves to play in there so much that all we have to do is threaten to take away the closet when he gets into trouble and he straightens right up...most of the time. Oh, and he really likes to wear our shoes, too (his feet aren't that big!).

Painting & Coloring
Brayden has really gotten into color crayons and water painting and I thought I'd share his artistic skills. I thought that they were pretty good considering he isn't even 2 1/2 years old yet!


Jeri said...

Boy, he is sure taking after daddy. Chris loved playing with Legos and blocks when he was that age. It is fun to see Brayden's creations. They are amazing. He will have to see Brian and Jack's Star Wars collection.