Monday, March 17, 2008

VIDEO: Brayden's New "Guitar"

Brayden has discovered how much fun it is to play a guitar (a.k.a daddy's tennis racquet). He's been having lots of fun playing it while singing and dancing. ;) Amazingly enough, he actually let me take a video of it. Check out his fancy moves at the end of the video...enjoy!


Catrina said...

LOL!!! My goodness. Those ARE some pretty fancy moves there at the end. I have a feeling that will be a classic to watch when he's older.

cjanet said...

That was AWESOME!! It was the cutest thing I've seen and I will definately watch it over and over again. :) And...loved that move at the end, it MADE the entire song. :P

Charles said...

What a grandson I have. He'll be famous one day.
Grampa Boley

Catrina said...

Wyatt insists on watching this over and over...every morning!