Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beautiful Oregon Sunshine

We spent most of Saturday outside enjoying the beautiful warm, sunny weather. In the morning we blew bubbles, rode bicycles/tricycles, played with Brayden's plastic golf clubs and the tire pump (Brayden's new favorite "toy"). After naps we played with Brayden's new sidewalk chalk while Chris climbed onto the roof!

We had lots of fun blowing bubbles on the front porch! Well, there aren't any bubbles in this picture but it was the best picture I had!

Brayden's Tricycle
Brayden loves to ride his tricycle. Every time we go into the garage, Brayden climbs on while I put Sienna in her carseat. Unfortunately he hasn't quite figured out the pedals yet. Chris got my bike out of the garage and we rode it around trying to show Brayden how we pushed the pedals to get moving. Hopefully he'll get the hang of it soon!

Sienna's hair is absolutely out of control and constantly in her eyes. I'm not sure why I hadn't though of this before (maybe it's because I'm not very girly), but when I was at my MOMS group, I noticed a cute little barrette in one of the little girl's hair. WOW...what an idea! haha! I have yet to find a super cute barrett, but found some that will do the job for now. Sienna looks so much more girly (& extra cute) with her hair out of her eyes. Unfortunately, it is NOT an easy task to get a barrette in her hair. She won't sit still for more than 1/2 a second and every time I touch her head, she tries to look up to see what I'm doing, making it nearly impossible to get the barrette in. Needless to say, it isn't the best hair style you've ever seen, but at least it keeps the hair out of her eyes! I tried to get a good picture of her new hair, but she was having too much fun "hammering".

While I was out looking for barrette's, I picked up some sidewalk chalk for Brayden. Before having kids, I couldn't imagine why anyone would let their kids draw all over their driveway with chalk. However, after having kids, anything that keeps them entertained and out of trouble is ok with me!

Another picture of Sienna's barrette!

The Roof
While we were outside enjoying the nice summer-like weather, Chris pressure washed the front porch. I would never recommend anyone build/buy a house that has the dryer vent that opens right onto the front porch! With as much laundry as we do, we get tons of disgusting lint all over our front porch...ick! We also noticed some nice weeds growing on our roof. Chris came up with the bright idea of going out onto the roof to pull the weeds. I absolutely hate it when Chris climbs on the roof. He used to do it all of the time in our Hillsboro house, which had a much higher roof. I couldn't even watch him while he was on that roof. Must I say that I'm scared of heights???? When we were outside playing with chalk, Chris decided it was time to go up on the roof to pull the weeds...yikes! Luckily this roof wasn't too high, but I was still scared and couldn't wait for him to get down.


The Elliotts said...

I love the clips Shel! Sienna looks even more grown up. What a beautiful weekend it was! ;-)

See you tomorrow morning!


1boy4girls said...

What fun in the sun! I can't believe how big the kids are getting (and how old Chris is! OK, not really, but I had to add that!) I hope the sun comes back. I sure miss it! Isn't it APRIL???


Catrina said...

So sad we missed the sunshine! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I love the barrett' cute!