Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Post Friday!

I've managed to snap a few pictures this week despite the fact that Brayden is now in those "terrible two's" that I've heard so much about! Plus, Sienna is in the process of weaning herself off of her morning only 10 1/2 months! YIKES!

I am still amazed that my "baby" is so independent and mobile. The other day I caught her sitting on Brayden's sofa bed playing with her hippo shape sorter. I thought she just looked too cute...and so grown up!

Another moment that made me stop and think about how fast Sienna is growing up...she turned over one of her toys and made herself a drum!

Brayden & Sienna
Sienna was having so much fun playing with Brayden and the strings from his "Lace & Learn" book. She was totally cracking up that Brayden was actually sharing his toys with her. By the way, did you notice that Sienna is standing up all by herself? She can take several steps, but I wouldn't really say she is "walking". The other night she walked across the living room, unassisted, but she hasn't done it since.

Sienna and Eli
Have I mentioned how much Sienna loves kids? Two of my friends came over with their kids (between the 3 of us we have 7 kids) and Sienna was in heaven. Eli is 1 year older than Brayden, but that didn't matter to Sienna...she had fun getting up close and personal with him!


The Elliotts said...

What a big girl she is Shel! Wow! She is going to be on the go in no time. It sounds like she's sooo grown up, it's almost time for you to have a 3rd! Ha ha! :-)

Have a great weekend!