Sunday, April 06, 2008

Random Post Sunday!

Over the weekend Brayden painted with real paint! We got him 4 paint colors (red, blue, yellow & green) and let him choose 2 colors to start with. It just figures that he chose U of O colors...yellow and green. I was pretty sure that paint was going to be absolutely everywhere...but to my surprise, most of the paint ended up on the paper!

After Brayden finished his first painting, I gave him all 4 colors to play with. What an artist!

Static Electricity
Sienna was playing peek-a-boo with Chris under a blanket and ended up with a bit of a mohawk!

Sienna's First Wagon Ride
Sienna went on her first wagon ride last week. Sienna enjoyed looking at all of the houses in our neighborhood while Brayden had fun playing with his rocket launcher. Those of you with at least 2 kids probably understand just how hard it is to take a picture where all of the kids are looking at the camera...with their eyes open AND smiling!


Catrina said...

LOVE the static mohawk!! It's wild...just like her! :-)