Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy 11 Month Birthday, Sienna!

Our "little" girl is 11 months old! She is still growing like crazy...she is wearing mostly 18-24 month clothes and weighs (on our home scale) 22.2 pounds...YIKES! Oh, and have I mentioned that Sienna's walking now??? She also waves and gives "high-fives"!

Sienna has quite the little personality these days. Luckily stranger anxiety hasn't set in yet...she loves to play with everyone who will let her. Even though Brayden has never wanted to share with Sienna, he never really cared when other kids would take a toy away from him...he'd just get a different toy. Sienna couldn't be more different! If she doesn't get what she wants, or if something is taken away that she wants, she starts screaming at the top of her lungs. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have my hands full with her the older she gets.

Sienna still isn't talking much. Well, she talks all of the time, but the only words we understand are "dada" and the occasional "mama". Brayden didn't really talk much until 18 months and now he talks in complete sentences...apparently Sienna is following in his footsteps.

I never seem to have the camera ready when Sienna is actually smiling! When I try to get her to smile for a picture, she gives me this look that says "why are you taking my picture?".
I really thought that Brayden was the pickiest kid on the planet...I couldn't have been more wrong! This girl won't even eat yogurt, which Brayden has always loved. Today I finally got Sienna to try something other than cheese, crackers, & graham crackers. She ate one bite (a messy bite at that) of a strawberry nutrigrain bar! I've tried for months now to get her to take bites of pears, peaches, pasta, bread, peas, carrots, etc. and all she does is play with it for a few minutes before throwing it onto the floor. ARGH!
Besides throwing food onto the floor, Sienna also loves to throw toys onto the floor. Her sole mission every morning is to empty the contents of the toy box onto the floor...she doesn't even stop to play with any of the toys before they hit the floor.


Catrina said...

Wow...for the first time ever I think she looks just like Brayden (in the highchair). I can't believe how big the girls are getting.

Joce said...

Wow, already? It still amazes me with my boys, how they can be from the same two people and be SOoooooooo different. Hope you're doing well, we've really missed seeing you at MOMS group. Hope you'll be back soon.