Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Random Post Wednesday!

Since we've been sick at home for about a week (again!), I've had nothing better to do than to take random pictures. Enjoy!

Sienna loves looking out our windows. Unfortunately, the only ones at her level are blocked by toys. Of course, that doesn't stop her...
She wedges herself in between the toys to get a closer look!
Monkey Business
Sienna's turned into quite the monkey! She climbs in baskets and up on tables and couches! Recently she climbed onto the chair so quickly that she went head first over the arm of the chair before I could grab her. She ended up wedged between the chair and the wall but she came through the ordeal without a single scratch!
I hate to admit this, but since we've all been sick, Brayden has been allowed to watch quite a bit of TV...mostly the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Before Sienna became a monkey, his favorite spot to watch TV was up on the couch, hiding behind his Cars sofa. There was no way Sienna could reach him here!
Now that Sienna can climb on anything and everything in sight, we've had to stop using the furniture to block her exits from the family room. Since the ottoman is back in front of the couch, Brayden's new favorite spot to watch TV is on his Cars sofa instead of behind it!
Choo Choo Trains
Brayden and I had fun putting together a big train track last week...he even let Sienna play with it for a little while (shocking)! Maybe he didn't realize she was actually playing with his trains...

A few minutes later he decided that he was not very happy about Sienna playing with his trains. It didn't even matter that she hadn't actually taken apart any of his tracks...the problem was that she was touching them!
Dog Pile on Daddy!
The other night the kids were having fun piling on top of Chris. I thought it was so cute that I couldn't resist taking their picture!