Saturday, September 13, 2008

Random Picture Post!!!

Crazy Hair!
When Sienna woke up from her nap on Wednesday, she had some seriously crazy hair! I had to wake her up so she was still pretty sleepy when I took these pictures. I think her hair is so funny that I just can't resist posting all of the pictures that I took!

Sienna loves to show off her belly button!

Blowing Kisses
Over the last couple of weeks, Sienna has really gotten good at blowing kisses! She has even started making kissy noises to go with the hand gestures!

Napping on the Sofa
The other day Brayden decided that he wanted to take a "nap" in his CARS sofa...Sienna thought he was crazy! Of course the nap only lasted about 10 seconds!!!
Play Boutique
Monday was Sienna's first day in Toddler School at the Play Boutique. As I expected, she loved it! She even did her first art project (she colored the human body). On the other hand, Brayden had another rough start to his day. For the 2nd week in a row, he didn't want to go into his classroom. He absolutely loves the toys in the big room and if he could play in there for the full 2 hours, he'd be happy as a clam. Unfortunately, he only gets to play in the big room for 20 minutes during their "recess". After getting Sienna situated in her classroom, I finally managed to get Brayden into his classroom by telling him that they were using glue for the art project...what toddler can resist glue??? Brayden was pretty excited and immediately sat at the table and got ready to make his apple tree! Hopefully every Monday will go just as well as this week...if not better!


Catrina said...

WOW! That is some pretty crazy hair! Love the pictures!

Joce said...

I agree! That is quite some hair~what fun! I always enjoy reading your blog; especially now since I can't come to MOMS. Hope you're doing well.