Monday, September 08, 2008

What a weekend...

Where in the world did the weekend go? Oh, that's was spent mostly working in the yard! Ugh! Chris and I are definitely not yard people. I guess once the kids are older it won't be so bad...we can actually work in the yard while the kids are awake! Chris' mom was nice enough to take the kids so we could both be outside working. She took the kids to OMSI and then to Burgerville (by herself, I might add). I'm not even brave enough to take both kids to OMSI and out to eat by myself! Way to go Grandma!

Chris and I both had long "To Do" lists and due to various unforeseen obstacles, we didn't manage to cross off many items. The good news was that we did complete 2 of our biggest items: fix (& stain) the gate and clean the back patio & furniture. I know, I know...those don't sound like big items but they took us ALL DAY on Saturday!!! Chris rebuilt our sagging gate while I pressure washed the back patio and furniture. It took me 2 rounds of pressure washing to get all of the yucky dirt and moss off of the concrete! Ok, enough about our weekend...

Sienna finally has all 16 teeth! WOHOO! Last week she was especially crazy at bedtime (she is rarely bothered by teething during the day) and on Sunday morning I decided to check out her top eye teeth to see if they were the reason for all of her bedtime drama. I was pretty surprised that I could feel BOTH of her top 2 eye teeth! I'm not sure why I was so surprised...I knew that they would be making their appearance soon based on her & Brayden's teething history. I was so unbelievably excited...probably because it explained her crazy behavior the past few days. Plus that means that after several straight months of teething, we will have quite a large break (approximately 9 months) from teething! Her next set of teeth will be her 2 year molars which Brayden got shortly before his 2nd birthday.

The Airplane
Sienna and Brayden have been having a lot of fun riding on the airplane and car together. Sienna just figured out how to move forward (very slowly, I might add!) and Brayden loves having someone to chase and play with!
Rolling Around
The other night Chris was rolling around on the floor with Brayden and Sienna. First Brayden was just rolling around next to Chris and Sienna.
But, then he saw how much fun Sienna was having rolling around with daddy and he wanted to join in the fun!

I was praying no one was going to be squished!
But the kids were laughing and giggling...have a good ole' time!
Poor Chris was exhausted after all of the fun...
The Stain
I mentioned earlier that we stained the new gate this weekend. Well, I guess I should say that Chris stained the gate while I took off to see a friend who works at the mall...and of course I couldn't make a trip to the mall without doing some shopping! This is what I came home to:
Apparently while Chris was staining the gate, he ended up staining his whole leg! Somehow he managed to step in the tray filled with stain and it went everywhere! Luckily for him, I had a bottle of pure acetone polish remover that did a pretty good job of taking the wood stain off of his leg. I won't even mention that Chris had bought the acetone for me when I managed to spill a whole bottle of fingernail polish on my jeans when I was pregnant with Brayden!!! haha!