Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Random Post Wednesday!

Apparently I'm only capable of posting a new blog once a week these days. I'm not sure if it is because I'm just not motivated, or I am just not that excited about the pictures that I've been taking. Hmmm...maybe this winter when we aren't quite so busy, I'll manage to update the blog more often. I had a gazillion pictures to go through from the last week and I've picked out my favorites...enjoy!

The Fork
Sienna has become obsessed with forks! She refuses to eat her food unless she can stab it with a fork. Of course, that excludes crackers, which she would NEVER refuse! I must say that I am quite impressed with her ability to use a fork (& spoon)! I'm not sure Brayden was using any utensils at this age. Am I a bad mom for not being able to remember what Brayden was doing at 14 months???
Over the long weekend we bought Brayden a new Little Einstein's game. It has several games including Bingo, Go Fish, Dominoes, etc but we bought the game specifically for Bingo. It has 4 different Bingo spinners and cards to match each spinner. Brayden absolutely LOVES it and is constantly asking to play "BINGO!". Brayden plays like a pro and follows the rules, except when it comes to the spinner. If he doesn't think it spun fast enough, he'll spin it again...and again...and again!!!

The Sit 'N Spin
The other day Sienna sat down on the sit 'n spin for the first time and started spinning like a pro! I couldn't believe it! Brayden got this for his 2nd birthday and it took him weeks/months to figure it out. Does this mean that girls really are smarter than boys? haha! I tried to get a video but every time I got the camera out, Sienna got off and wanted to play with the camera. :(

I'm pretty sure that both of the kids are going to be artists! They both love to draw, paint, & color! Sienna has really gotten into drawing on all of the magna doodle toys that we have. The funniest part is that she gets her face super close (usually about 4 inches away) from the board...I hope that this doesn't mean that she'll need glasses!

Brayden has started drawing real pictures! Here is the "blues clue" that he drew. He drew this by himself WITHOUT any help! He also likes to draw well as his favorite letter...X!
The Kitchen
One of Sienna's new favorite things to do is to empty the contents of the kitchen....
onto the tv stand!
Walks with the Girls!
Since Brayden and Wyatt have been going to the Play Boutique, Catrina and I have been taking the girls on walks. Every week I'm shoveling crackers down Sienna in order to keep her awake. Of course, that means she doesn't really eat much of a lunch! Last week Sienna was sleeping so poorly due to her teething that I wasn't able to keep her awake for the entire walk. By the time we made it back to the car, both girls were passed out...and looking too cute! In case you were wondering, Sienna was so tuckered out that she still took a great afternoon nap...whew!
The Elmo Backpack
I don't remember the last time that Brayden wanted to wear his Elmo backpack. So when he asked me to help him put it on, I couldn't resist taking a picture to compare to the picture I took when he first got the backpack at 11 months old! What a difference 2 years can make!

Every day when we hear Chris' car, the kids race to the laundry room door to "boo!" him! Here they are waiting around for him to pop through the door!
Sienna got tired of waiting so Brayden was the only one to welcome daddy home with a "boo!" If you look closely, you can see just how excited he gets...his feet come off the floor!
Lunch With Daddy
Last week we headed to Hillsboro to have lunch with Chris. I think this was only the 2nd time since Sienna was born that we had lunch with him. We got food from Sonic and headed back to the cafeteria to eat. Brayden ate like a champ and Sienna managed to get a few bites of chicken down before wanting to wander around and get into trouble. Both kids ended up getting the most entertainment from spinning around in the chairs!

Mowing the Lawn
Chris watched the kids on Sunday while I went on a mini-shopping spree! I was in desperate need of some new clothes and I just happened to have some birthday money to spend. Plus Chris rarely gets to spend 1:1 time with the kids! While I was gone, he put the kids to work mowing the lawn! haha! If only the "bubble" mower really mowed the lawn!!!

Hopefully it won't be another week until the next post...for those of you who check the blog every day, I promise to try to do better!!!


Catrina said...

Oooo...I can't wait to see the new duds from the shopping spree! I love the pic of the girls sleeping in the stroller. So cute!