Friday, October 10, 2008

Chalk, Painting & Other Random Fun!

The kids have been sick all week so we haven't left the house since Monday. Since we haven't been having too much fun, I don't have many new pictures. The kids have actually been pretty good this week, all things considered. Usually I go crazy staying at home just one day...but 4 days? Hopefully next week we'll be out and about doing our normal activities.

Last night the kids had fun drawing with chalk. Well, Sienna mostly just held the chalk while Brayden did the drawing.

The Sofa
Chris caught the kids hanging out on the sofa together (again!)...I still think they look so cute sitting there so nicely together!
The Motorcycle
There are a couple of motorized vehicles outside of the Play Boutique. Luckily Brayden doesn't usually pay much attention to them. However, a couple of weeks ago he asked to ride on one and I just happened to have a quarter. I put aside my fear of all of the germs that were most likely all over it and let him go for his first ride. Luckily I happened to have a camera to capture the moment!
A few weeks ago Brayden was really into painting. He asked to paint morning, noon & night! He made quite a few masterpieces...if only we had room to hang them all up!

Brayden was given a homework assignment from the Play Boutique about a month ago (I'm a little behind in some of my pictures!). He glued on pictures of his family using a glue stick and then he colored the construction paper. I can't wait until both kids are older so we can do more arts and crafts!!!
WARNING - The following pictures are of Chris' stitches on September 28th. If you are like me and very squeamish, you might not want to look at them!

The first picture was taken about 5 days after Chris got the stitches and the 2nd picture was taken the day the stitches were removed (about 3 days after the first picture).