Saturday, October 04, 2008

Working Together, Playing Together

Brayden & Sienna have recently started working together to destroy the house. Because removing every toy and every book from it's designated spot, and placing it either on the floor or on the couch can entertain the kids for what seems like hours, I let them do matter how torturous the clean up process is. Not once do I have to get on Brayden or Sienna for being mean to the's funny how they can work so well together when they have a mutual goal. This all started about a month ago when I posted some pictures of them emptying the toy basket onto the couch (Sienna would take the toys out and hand them to Brayden who then piled them onto the couch). They have recently moved on to include emptying the contents of all of the toy baskets as well as all of the books from the bookcase. But, as long as the kids are playing together nicely and we get a little peace and quiet, I'm all for it!

Sienna grabs the books from the bookcase and runs over to give them to Brayden to add to his numerous book piles.
Here they are again making more book piles! (Sorry about their outfits...I always change their pants for naps so they are more comfortable and sometimes I'm just too lazy to put their pants back on after they wake up!)
The other night Brayden came up with a new idea...instead of making book piles, he decided to line them all up on the floor. I must say it was much more impressive in person than in this picture!
Lately the kids haven't just been working together, but they have been playing together more. Or, at least side by side without fighting! The other morning after I changed their diapers and put clothes on, I decided that the kids were being way too quiet. I went into the office and found them both sitting on the CARS sofa drawing on their magnadoodle books! Too cute (well, except for Sienna's bruised face)! In case you were curious, the swelling is gone and her bruise is looking much, much better. It is no longer the first thing that I notice when I look at her. YEA!


cjanet said...

That's sweet! Maybe Brayden has some sympathy for Sienna because of her face. She needs to work it! ha-ha!

Joce said...

Life with 2 is so much fun. I still remember the time when I boys finally figured out that playing together was fun. Such a treat for them and for mom. Great pics. Enjoy every moment. =)