Friday, October 31, 2008

Random Family Fun

Working From Home
For the last few weeks, Chris has been working from home on Tuesdays and Thursdays (his company recently came up with a new policy). Not only do we save money on gas, but the kids get to see their dad for an extra 2 hours a day! We bought Chris a table to work at in our bedroom since there was no way he'd be able to get even a minute of work done in the office (aka playroom). Luckily we had procrastinated getting rid of our extra office chair, monitor, & keyboard. Chris says he actually gets more work done at home than at the office! The kids are always very excited to see daddy coming down the stairs at lunch, or meeting us at the car when we get home after our morning activity. Of course, that means they are a little disappointed the other 3 days of the week when Chris is at the office...33 miles away! I appreciate the help with lunch and the days that Chris walks down the stairs promptly at 4pm (he usually doesn't get home until 5pm since he works 7am-4pm). wohoo!!! Here are the kids spending time with Chris after eating lunch as a family...
A few weeks ago (yes, I'm really behind in pictures!) both kids pulled out the same Elmo book and started reading them, side-by-side. How sweet!Drawing
Sienna normally follows Brayden wherever he goes and does whatever he is doing. However, the other morning she had decided to do her own thing. Well, Brayden wasn't having any of that! He ran over to Sienna and asked her to come draw with him. Being the good sister that she is, she headed straight into the office, plopped down on the floor and started drawing!

Let's Rock!
Brayden's new favorite phrase is "Let's Rock!". Until yesterday, I had no idea where he had gotten that from. As it turns out, it is from TV (big surprise)! Brayden drags out his keyboard, guitar, microphone and drum to play. Sienna usually plays one of the instruments but on the night I took pictures, she decided she was just going to dance to Mr. B's music. Here he is singing us a song while playing the guitar!
More dancing!
It never fails...Sienna likes to do a lot of spins while she's dancing and she always ends up falling down!
Brayden has never been a cuddler so I'm fairly happy to say that Sienna is the biggest cuddler on the planet. However, the only time I can get away without holding her or having her sit on my lap, is when she's playing with Brayden. Luckily she also likes to cuddle with him...if only Brayden liked to cuddle with her! He's fine sitting side by side...
But then Sienna starts to get a little too touchy...
And he absolutely draws the line at Sienna trying to rest her head on his shoulder. Personally, I thought it was so sweet!