Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Time

Well, the kids have been sick for most of 2009, so we haven't gotten out to do anything extremely fun. Hopefully the month of March will bring sunnier, warmer weather, less colds, and more fun! Here are a few random pictures from the last couple of weeks.

Sienna loves to feed herself. Normally the mess would drive me bonkers, but Brayden pretty much refused to feed himself with a spoon until the age of 3, so I welcome any mess she makes, as long as she is feeding herself. I should add that Brayden could feed himself, he just didn't want to. And, he knew how to sucker us in and get us to do all of the work for him! Sienna doesn't usually get this messy anymore, so I thought it was kinda cute seeing her face covered in yogurt!
Where's Brayden & Sienna???
Brayden and Sienna are at that age where they think if they can't see you, you can't see them! They were both trying to hide in the cars sofa...unfortunately, they are just a tad too big!

After they got tired of hiding from me, they settled down to read books together. They really are best buddies...I don't know any other siblings that get along so well. I feel extremely fortunate and pray that they continue to be so close.

Bedtime Stories
Now that we have a big bed in Brayden's room, we thought it would be fun to read stories as a family (Chris and I usually take turns putting them each to bed). Sienna did pretty good the first night (below), but the next night she wanted to go back to reading books in her own room. I guess I should just be thankful that she doesn't have as big of a blanket phobia as she used to. Just seeing her tucked in bed with Chris and Brayden is a huge accomplishment...she used to scream as soon as we tried to put a blanket on her! I guess until she learns that a blanket would keep her warm at night, we'll have to continue putting her in 2 layers of pajamas every night!
Last night Chris broke out the paint for the first time in who knows how long. I thought he was is a lot of work keeping Sienna from painting everything in sight (I get exhausted painting with the kids once a week at art class)! I think the kids pretty much wore Chris out after about 15-20 minutes, so I'm not sure he'll be suggesting that they paint again any time soon. But, at least we have several beautiful pictures that they painted together.