Friday, February 20, 2009

Floating Swimsuits!

While we were at Toys R Us, we walked by these swimsuits with built in floation devices. I have always thought that these looked like a good idea...much easier than a life jacket that floats up above their heads in the water. Sienna usually hates to try things on, but she was so excited about these swimming suits that we could barely get her out of "them" (see below)! Next month we are meeting my parents in Indio, so we'll see just how good these suits work in a swimming pool. Until then, they'll just have to wear them around the house! The minute Brayden was out of his suit, Sienna was all over it. Hopefully there won't be any fights over who gets to wear what suit. ;)


Catrina said...

Ha! They look like superheroes.